Somewhere In The Back of My Heart

Title : Somewhere In The Back of My Heart
Release Date : June 6, 2012
  1. The Picture (Better Days)
  2. I Saw Jesus on the Lawn Last Night
  3. Autumn Girl
  4. The Lowlands
  5. Oh Radio
  6. Mary Goes Round
  7. She Loved Roses
  8. When You Loved Lullabyes
  9. My Little Courtney
  10. Sometimes
  11. If I Was Dead
  12. Noise
  13. Fragile
  14. Somewhere in the Back of My Heart
  15. Ireland

So here it is. Stories from my life, stories I’ve heard and felt, stories I’ve loved, a snapshot of one person’s life in a certain moment in time. A pathway to that place where I always meet all of you in the back of my heart.


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